Many students go to a community college or a two-year college before heading off to a university. Whether its because it’s cheaper or to get accepted easier into a university in the future there are something’s you should do to prepare.

It’s best to start the preparation process in high school, the earlier the better right? You have so many resources available to you to find all the information you need. High school counselors, websites, counselors at the community college, and transfer advisors at the university everyone is there to help you so don’t be afraid to use the resources at hand.

One of the first things you want to do before you sign up for classes is make sure that does credits will transfer to the university. You’ll waste time and money if you don’t check this first. College isn’t cheap to begin with so lets definitely not waste money.

If you want your transfer to go as smoothly as possible you can look into a transfer program at you’re community college. You’ll take the same kinds of courses you would your first two years at the university making the transfer easier and ensuring that the credits transfer.

Now another thing is the credits may transfer from a class you take but only if you have good grades. A lot of students slack off and when it comes time to transfer they either can’t because of low grades or they can but have to retake the class they already did because the credits would not be accepted. This is another way to waste your money big time. I know a guy that slacked off so much it took four years to graduate from a community college going full time every year. He literally paid twice the amount he needed to just because he didn’t take it seriously.

Finally this goes with planning ahead, make sure you know what major you want to pursue. Get advice about the courses that you need specifically for that major. Maybe you’ll be able to get some of the courses you like least out the way before heading to the university.

If you’re look at transferring from a community college to a university planning ahead really does pay by saving you time and money. A well-planned course of action will lead to the highest possible chance of success.