We spend countless hours of hours on our phones and computers browsing the web so why not make money while doing it. There are so many ways to make money nowadays online. I mean you see it everyday with out even noticing it. Celebrities advertise products on Instagram and Tweeter just because they have a lot of follows that will see what they’re promoting they get paid for it. You might not have thousands of follows but there are still ways for you to make money online.


1. Surveys

This one is as easy as giving your opinion, literally. There’s quite a few survey sites out there that will pay you per each survey you take. Most of them take about 15 to 20 minutes. So if you do a couple a day for a week you could make a decent amount of money for sitting behind your computer. Sites like MySurvey and SwagBucks are pretty popular.


2. Website Building

You don’t need the highest level of skills to do this anymore. You don’t even need to know anything about coding. I built my first website without any knowledge about anything what so ever. All you need is three basic things hosting (i.e. HostGator) this is where your website is basically kept, a template (i.e. WordPress) WordPress is a very power and easy to use one, and your content which is what your sites going to be about. Once you have all that you have two options keep it or sell it. You can keep it and make money with advertising if you get enough traffic. Or you can sell it and depending on what you have make thousands of dollars on sites like Flippa.


3. Google Adsense and Amazon Associates

Two very popular ways to make money if you have a website. Adsense you sign up for Google’s ad program and put code on your site that will allow ads to be displayed on your site. Amazon Associates you get your own links to products that you put on display on your site. If people click on them and buy them from Amazon you get a commission on it.


4. Get Paid for Your Photos

We all like to take pictures. It’s never been easier with smart phones to do it. With tons of stock photo websites sell them. With Foap, you can sell them online or through the iPhone app. Best part you don’t have to be choosy about the photos you upload because you can upload as many as you want. If someone sees it and likes it they could buy it.


5. YouTube

YouTube is huge with endless possibilities. If you’re entertaining or have something you’re good at for example makeup tutorials start your own YouTube channel. You don’t even need to buy a camera, iPhone Camera’s are more than enough so if you have that it’s free to start. Once you start racking up the views you can put ads on your videos and literally watch the money come in while you sleep.


If you need money or just want to add to your already existing income these could definitely help.