High school students go to college every year expecting one thing and get something completely different. Sometimes they’re disappointed because of their expectations.

This is to prepare you with some advice and facts that you’ll learn once you get to college.


Your Professors Aren’t Your Parents

Students arrive at college think it’s going to be a cakewalk, attend class and party all night. Their professors are going to make sure that they learn everything and guide them every step of the way but that’s not the case. They are not going to spoon feed you the information and tell you “you can be anything you want to be when you grow up.” It’s your job to pay attention in class, study, and find help if you need it.

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Get To Know Your Professor

As I just said your professors aren’t there to walk you through everything but build a relationship with them, professional of course. Building this relationship can be of use to you when you need extra help. They’ll be more willing to help those students who show interest in their class and talks to the professor. Remember you could be asking them for a letter of recommendation one day and even if you weren’t the best student academically just because you had that relationship, you’ll get an awesome one.


Get a Job

You probably want to just enjoy yourself in college rather than get a job but it helps. First your tuition and student loans aren’t going to pay themselves. You can really make a huge impact on how much you’ll have to pay once you graduate if you get a job and start putting money towards that from the beginning. Also once you do graduate, no one wants the guy without experience. Having a job or internship can put you a mile ahead of your classmates seeing that you held some level of responsibility. If you can get a job or internship that gives you a position of leadership you’re even better off because employers love to see you have experience with that level of responsibility. And don’t think you won’t be able to enjoy yourself if you have a job, however told you that lied to you, if you work everything right you’ll still have spare time.


Understand Your Student Loans

Students take out loans all the time without understanding to much about them, to later learn something that while in college after you have to loan that they wish they had known before. Learn more about student loans.


Nothing Is Free

This goes back to the whole getting a job thing. You are used to getting everything from your parents but that’s not the case anymore. You’re an adult and need to control your spending like one. Your parents aren’t there to give you food and food adds up. If you’re not already paying for a meal plan, bring your own lunch it can save you hundreds every year. Another thing is this is the first time for some students with a credit card. It is not I repeat it is not a put anything you want on it card, you don’t see the money physically go like with cash or coming out your debt account so it is extremely easy for those charges to add up. The smartest rule with a credit card is never put more on it then you can pay at once.


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